McMichael-Gombar v. Phoenix Civ. Serv. Bd. – 12/5/2023

January 5, 2024
Arizona Supreme Court holds that the Phoenix Civil Service Board does not have the appellate authority to decide the constitutionality of city policies, rules, or regulations, but it can consider whether the employee reasonably believed that the disciplined conduct was within her constitutional rights.

Bonnette v. MG Fin. Enters. LLC – 11/30/2023

January 2, 2024
Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two holds that a plaintiff who succeeds on a state Lemon Law claim against the seller of a used vehicle is eligible for an award of attorneys’ fees under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act if the plaintiff succeeds on an implied-warranty claim that fits within the definition of Magnuson-Moss.

Torres v. JAI Dining Servs. (Phoenix), Inc. – 10/16/2023

December 13, 2023
Arizona Supreme Court holds that the anti-abrogation clause of the state’s Constitution does not protect common-law dram-shop liability because the anti-abrogation clause applies only to rights of action that either existed at common law or find their basis in the common law at the time the Constitution was adopted, and Arizona did not adopt common-law dram-shop liability until 1983.