Yearly Archives: 2012

Nucor Corp. v. Employers Insurance Co. of Wausau (11/23/2012)

December 3, 2012
Arizona Court of Appeals Division One Holds That (1) Diminution in Property Value Because of Stigma Associated with Contamination Is Not “Damages Because of Property Damage” Under Insurance Policy; (2) Proceedings Related to Potentially-Responsible-Party Letter from ADEQ Is a “Suit” Under Insurance Policy; (3) Insurer That Pays More Than Its Share of Defense Costs Is Entitled to Equitable Contribution from Other Insurers; (4) “Policy Limits” Apportionment of Defense Costs Among

Lerner v. DMB Realty, LLC – 11/27/2012

November 30, 2012
Arizona Court of Appeals Division One Holds That Notwithstanding a Statute Protecting Sellers of Real Estate Who Live Near Sex Offenders (and a Sales Contract That Informs the Buyer that the Seller Need Not Disclose Nearby Sex Offenders), a Buyer May Bring a Fraud Claim a Seller Related to Misrepresentations Nearby Sex Offenders In Certain Circumstances.

Kennedy v. Lodge – 11/15/2012

November 26, 2012
Arizona Supreme Court Holds That A Candidate Who Is Ineligible To Run For Office Because of Defective Nominating Petitions Is Also Ineligible To Run As A Write-In Candidate Because The Petitions Fail To Provide A Sufficient Number of Valid Petition Signatures Under A.R.S. § 16-312(F)(3).