Yearly Archives: 2008

Vasquez v. State (9/29/2008)

October 20, 2008
Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two Holds That: (1) a Notice of Claim for Wrongful Death Is Sufficient if It Sets Forth Any Facts Supporting the Amount Demanded; and (2) Government Entities Do Not Have a Duty to Identify Individuals Killed During High-Speed Pursuits.

Prince & Princess Enter., LLC v. State – 9/30/2008

October 20, 2008
Arizona Court ofAppeals Division One Holds that a Business that Meets the Definition of a “Retail Tobacco Store” Under A.R.S. § 36-601.01 Is Excepted from the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, Even if the Business Also Holds a Liquor License and Sells Alcohol on the Premises.