Yearly Archives: 2008

Buccellato v. Morgan – 12/4/2008

December 9, 2008
Arizona Court of Appeals Division One Affirms That Adult Service Providers Are Not Entitled to a Jury Trial for Violating Provisions of the Scottsdale City Code Governing Adult Service Providers. S

A Tumbling-T Ranches v. Flood Control Dist (11/28/2008)

December 9, 2008
Arizona Court ofAppeals Division One Holds that a Damron/Morris Agreement Can Be Enforceable even if the Agreement Arises out of an Indemnity and Hold-Harmless Provision Within a Property Easement Agreement, Rather Than an Insurance Contract, But the Ultimate Liability of the Indemnitor Will Depend on the Language and Intent of the Underlying Indemnity Provision.