Yearly Archives: 2021

McKenna v. Soto (2/17/2021)

March 1, 2021
Arizona Supreme Court holds that election petition signatures with incomplete date or address information are valid if they substantially comply with the statutory requirements.

Schires v. Carlat (2/8/2021)

February 24, 2021
Arizona Supreme Court holds that the sufficient consideration prong under the Arizona Constitution’s Gift Clause is an objective inquiry, requiring a governmental entity to receive a fair market value return that is proportional to the consideration it paid, without deference to the entity’s assessment of value.

Montano v. Luff (12/21/2020)

February 11, 2021
Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two holds that no inherent conflict exists between A.R.S. § 12-1176’s right to a jury trial in forcible entry and detainer actions and Ariz. R. Proc. Eviction Act. 11(d)’s allowance for bench trials in cases lacking factual disputes.